How big is an A4 Compendium?

The dimensions of an A4 sized compendium can vary between models, but only slightly. A sheet of A4 paper measures 210mm x 297mm. All A4 compendiums must be at least this size, of course. Usually they are designed to extend past the paper by at least two centimetres on each of the four sides, in order to give a solid backing to the paper and also to make room for fasteners, pen holders and so on.

Branded A4 Compendiums

This would make the smallest A4 sized compendiums about 250mm x 340mm, with a variable depth. Some may be slightly larger or smaller but generally, they will be around this size. A4 is the standard size of printer paper, and many standard printing jobs are A4 in size. This makes A4 sized compendiums suitable if you want to hand them out with a portfolio or prospectus included, or if you want to use them for handling contracts and other forms. A4 sized compendiums also have a fairly large printable area on the cover, making them useful for a large, bold logos.

Large size

A4 sized portfolios also have a great deal of space for other items -- calculators, phones, pens, business cards, USB sticks and many other things can find their home in an A4 sized compendium.