Suggestions for Premium Compendiums

We have some great suggestions here for you for Premium Compendiums. A great looking premium compendium works well on many levels, they are typically large, imposing and visually seen all the time. This is why having a premium compendium for you, your staff or your guests, will be such an amazing corporate gift.

Tips for Selecting a Premium Compendium

There are several things that may interest you when selecting a compendium that looks amazing. Some of the key features to look out for include:

Physical Size

Certain styles of A4 Compendiums are larger than others. This enables you to fit in more contents, however it also serves a second purpose of having the compendium attract more attention.

big compendiums

The bigger compendium sizes tend to attract more of a premium look. Some of the items in our range that are physically large for an A4 size includes:

Silver or Gold Trims

Having silver or gold accents in the form of edges, corners and badges on a compendium always add a dramatic sense of style. This is the easiest way for a normal regular compendium to look utterly amazing.



The easiest way to Jazz up a compendium to make them look more premium is through accessories. Use calculators, pens and printed notepads. These all help in making a compendium look busy, professional and fantastic!