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Premium Compendium


Promotional Premium Compendiums

We sell premium compendiums customised with your design or logo. These compendiums are the most luxurious options available, perfect for executives, elite academics, and discerning professionals who demand the best. Available to order in bulk quantities. Looking for a more affordable option? Browse through our collection of custom printed mid range planners.

Types of Custom Branded Premium Planners

We have a diverse range of premium folios, designed to cater to every taste and need. From classic sizes to eco-friendly options and luxury brands, explore our collection to find the perfect compendium.

  • A4, A5, A6 Compendiums: A4 compendiums are ideal for larger files, while A5 and A6 sizes offer compact convenience for notes and meetings on the go.
  • Eco Compendiums: Crafted with sustainable materials for the environmentally conscious.
  • Zippered Compendiums: Secure your documents, pens, and smartphones with our zippered options.
  • Swiss Peak: Genuine Swiss Peak compendiums, synonymous with quality and durability.
  • Pierre Cardin: Genuine Pierre Cardin compendiums, offering luxury and elegance.
  • Leather Compendiums: Experience the rich texture and durability of our leather compendiums.

76 Products

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More About Our Premium Compendiums

Compendiums within this category come with a beautiful gift box to add a high end look and feel. These compendiums use superior materials as well as a craftsmanship which is amongst the very best.

Personalise your compendium with our customisation services, designed to showcase your unique style or brand. Choose from a range of printing and embossing options to add a distinctive touch.

  • Blind Embossing: Design is pressed permanently into the outer surface of the folio, creating a subtle and elegant impression.
  • Gold Foiling: Design is embossed on the product, highlighted with gold leafing for a striking logo effect that stands out.
  • Laser Engraving: Etch designs onto the compendium's surface with precision, offering a durable and refined finish.
  • Digital Printing: Available upon request for full-colour and intricate designs, providing versatility in customisation.

Our operations, including the creation of premium compendiums, are certified carbon neutral by investing in accredited carbon offset projects, as verified by the Carbon Reduction Institute under the NoCO2 certification.

Our dedication to unparalleled quality is affirmed by ISO9001 certification, reflecting our adherence to top international standards in management and product excellence.

Premium compendiums are readily available from our Australian inventory, promising a quick 2-week delivery to your location.

Explore our premium range firsthand with samples provided at a minimal cost plus shipping, offering a practical glimpse before bulk ordering, complete with custom branding options.