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Blind Embossing Leather Compendium

One of the ways you can strengthen customer relationship is to give your most loyal clients custom promotional products such as leather compendiums. Of course, you would want the merchandise personalised with your company name of logo. To stand out, you might want to consider Blind Embossing.

What is Blind Embossing?

A printing technique, which does not use any ink, blind embossing creates a raised image which is very much visually-appealing. The resulting 3D image is clean and distinct and may be subtle but quite effective in giving your company an elegant image.

Blind embossing has grown in popularity especially in the promotional products industry. It is considered desirable for items made with paper, cardboard and of course, leather.

The Process

In order to create an image via blind embossing, pressure and heat is applied to a metal block engraved with the desired image. Usually, a paired mould is created and used to create the multi-dimensional impression. The material is then pressed between the moulds. Take note that when the resulting image is raised, it is said to be embossed while if the resulting image is below the surface, it is debossed.

What to Keep In Mind

It is important that the material to be embossed possesses a flat surface and that there are no obstruction between the base of the embossing machine and the block which could distort the resulting image.

Also, since the image will appear a bit smaller in blind embossing as compared to other 2D printing process, you need to make adjustments. Specifically, you should prepare artwork which is slightly larger or bolder.

If you prefer, you can combine blind embossing with other techniques such as engraving, foil stamping and lithography.