Choosing the Right Compendium Size

The practicality of having a compendium cannot be argued. After all, it allows you to not only look professional but also help you keep organized. This is perhaps the reason why these organizers are always included in the list of promotional merchandise to be given away both to employees and customers. They satisfy the two most important qualities: useful and attractive.

Now, there are essentially two sizes to choose from: the A4 compendium and the A5 compendium. To know which is suited for your company, consider the advantages and disadvantage of each size.

The A4 Compendium

When suppliers talk about A4 compendium, they usually mean that the size of the compendium is close to the A4 paper size which is 21.7cm (L) x 21cm (W). Also, the compendium will come with the said paper as its notepad.


With an A4 compendium, you know your employees or customers will appreciate the large size. It allows user to insert documents and files without having to worry about them getting creased. The compendium will also have more space for accessories such as a calculator and features such as pen loops, business card insert and even inserts for CDs or DVDs. Since it comes with an A4-sized note pad, you will have more writing space. Of course, a bigger compendium means larger printing area where you can emboss or laser-engrave your company logo or artwork.


Its larger size may be inconvenient for some. It will not also fit in smaller briefcases or bags so you will have to carry it separately.

The A5 Compendium

 Based on paper size, an A5 compendium will most likely be near the 14.8cm (L) x 21cm (W) measurement or simply half the size of the A4 compendium.


Its smaller size means less space to occupy so it can fit virtually any bags or briefcases. Also, being compact means it is lighter and can be easily carried around. An A5 compendium typically comes with pen loops, business card insert, A5 notepad and even a calculator. It is certainly offers convenience and efficiency.


Since it is half the size of the A4 compendium, files of the same size cannot be inserted without the risk of getting creased or damaged. There will also be a smaller print area for your company logo or design.

Prices for both A4 and A5 compendiums vary depending on the material, features and print process chosen. Make sure you keep these advantages and disadvantages in mind when making a choice to allow you to maximize the full potentials of this promotional product.