Printed Compendiums

Although there are plenty of promotional merchandise to choose from to improve brand awareness, pad printed compendiums are considered to be one of the products which will give you value for money. Aside from the fact that they are guaranteed to be used on a daily basis, they also make the user appear organized and professional. Of course, to make them effective as a marketing medium for your business, you’ll need printed compendiums customised for your brand.

The basics of pad printed compendiums

When creating printed compendiums, one of the most popular processes to use is pad printing. This essentially involves the transfer of an image to a surface via a custom-shaped metal plate. The entire process is quick, so that your promotional tool is ready to distribute in a matter of moments.

  • Getting started

To make sure your printed compendium has a professional looking finish, it is important that the logo or artwork submitted is of high quality. This image is then transferred to a film which will be the basis of creating the printing plate. For multi-colour images, different printing plates will be created. The plate is then stamped on the surface of the newly printed compendium and will be able to withstand a thousand stampings.

  • Pre-Treatment

If we find that some of the printed compendiums are coated in oil or film, we will pre-treat them by either flaming or oven baking them to ensure the image properly sticks. Different inks are also used for different materials. Additives are added to harden the paint more quickly and usually dictate the lifespan of the print.

Why use pad printing for printed compendiums?

Unlike other print processes, this particular method is compatible with every surface as long as they are smooth and flat. Some of the new pad printing machines can even print on slightly curved or dimpled surfaces.

It is also much less expensive than engraving or embossing and the process involved is quicker as well. When creating printed compendiums with this process we can use up to four colours.

To order your printed compendiums, talk to Cubic Promote today. We offer an affordable and professional-looking solution to your promotional needs!