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Gold Stamping Promotional Compendiums

Without any doubt, promotional compendiums are great as marketing tool. Not only are they very useful, but they also lend a professional look to whoever is using them. Such qualities have made them a favourite among businesses who would like to enjoy long-term brand exposure without having to spend so much. 

The great thing about custom compendiums is that you can personalise them to boost your company’s image. For businesses who would like to add a touch of luxury and prestige to these corporate giveaways, you might want to consider Gold Stamping your logos or artwork.

What is it?

Gold stamping is actually a hot foil process whereby the promotional product is stamped with the company name or logo and the resulting image is in gold metallic finish. Compared to regular ink printing, the image is much more eye-catching and certainly leaves a lasting impression. This print process can be done on materials such as paper, cardboard, wood and leather.

The Gold Stamping Process

The process involved is surprisingly straightforward as it employs the hot stamping technique.

  1. Mounting and heating of die made with metal and silicon rubber and engraved with image.
  2. Positioning of the gold foil over the material.
  3. Stamping of the material.

Just like other processes involving stamping, pressure and heat are applied. But unlike other printing processes, it is essentially a dry process wherein no solvents, inks or chemicals are used. Such process is definitely much more environmentally-friendly.

What to Keep in Mind

Gold stamping usually involves debossing, where the image is indented versus raised. It is important the artwork used is detailed and of high quality in order to make sure the impression is of excellent quality as well.