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Promotional Zippered Compendiums

We sell zippered compendiums customised with your unique design or company logo. These compendiums offer a sleek and secure way to carry your essentials. A zippered planner is a versatile organisational tool, featuring a secure zipper closure that keeps documents, tablets, and other professional items neatly contained and protected. Ideal for business professionals, students, and anyone in need of an organised storage solution. We also offer personalised budget compendiums in bulk.

Types of Custom Printed Zippered Planners

  • Screen Printing: Includes a one colour print, the cheapest and most efficient method for vibrant branding on a variety of surfaces.
  • Debossing/Embossing: Presses or raises the design onto the material, creating a subtle yet impactful texture that enhances the product's elegance.
  • Full Colour Printing: Prints detailed images in vibrant colours directly onto the product, perfect for intricate designs and photo-quality finishes.

66 Products

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More About Our Zippered Compendiums

Our zippered compendiums are suited for a diverse range of users, offering security, organisation, and convenience:

  • Business Professionals: For secure transport of documents and electronics, ensuring everything is in one place and easily accessible.
  • Students: Ideal for organising notes and study materials, making it easier to stay on top of academic work.
  • Conference Attendees: Perfect for keeping conference materials and personal items together, facilitating networking and learning.
  • Travellers: Offers a neat way to carry travel documents and essentials, reducing stress during journeys.

We offer various branding techniques for you to choose from, each providing a unique way to showcase your brand:

  • Debossed/Embossed: Presses your design into or raises it above the compendium surface for a tactile effect that adds depth and sophistication.
  • Gold/Silver Foiling: Applies a metallic shine to your design for a luxurious appearance, perfect for making a bold statement.
  • Full Colour Printing: Offers vibrant, detailed logo or image reproduction, ideal for colourful and complex designs.

We ensure our entire operation, including zippered compendium production, is carbon neutral, backed by investments in certified carbon offset projects and verified under the NoCO2 certification by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Our dedication to quality is reinforced by ISO9001 certification, affirming that our management processes and products, such as our zippered compendiums, meet the highest international quality standards.

For swift delivery, we stock our zippered compendiums locally in Australia, ensuring a delivery timeframe of just two weeks to your location.

We offer a sampling service that allows you to closely inspect our zippered compendiums. For a small fee plus shipping, potential buyers can assess the product quality firsthand before committing to a bulk order, including a preview of custom branding options.