Tips & Ideas for Compendiums

A compendium is a product that is an absolute essential for many working Australians. Use compendiums as part of your corporate wardrobe or perhaps use them as a luxurious corporate gift. We have compendiums starting from budget prices through to extravagent premium full leather grain. All our compendiums feature exceptionally precise stitching as well as quality materials throughout the item. You and your recipient of our compendiums simply will not be dissapointed.

What Is The Bulk Ordering Process For Compendiums?

If you see a compendium style that you would like more information on prior to ordering please contact our friendly sales team. To order compendiums for your organisation simply follow the prompts on our website or give us a call. Let us know how many compendiums you require and we would supply you with a quotation within 1hour during business hours Monday to Friday. If you are happy with the quote you have the option of either requesting for a sample where we will charge a low fee or simply proceeding with an order. To begin please:

  1. Send us your artwork for branding in an Adobe EPS or PDF format saved with editable outlines
  2. A graphical mock up will be created for you for free with the compendium branded with your logo
  3. Upon your approval of the artwork an invoice will be forwarded
  4. Compendium will be placed into production once payment is made

Our sales team will guide you every step of the way and will provide you with turnaround times as well as any information that you may require.

How Are Compendiums Packaged For Delivery?

Your compendiums are delivered in Cardboard cartons. They are then further individually packed into paper boxes. The paper box quality as well as packaging may vary depending on the style of compendium you choose. To be sure please ask a friendly sales team member who will be able to provide you with a precise packaging specification.

 compendium packaging  front view box

What Optional Accessories Can I Buy?

Some of our compendiums come delivered with pockets of all shapes and sizes to accomodate accessories designed to help you get the most out of your compendium. Where indicated some compendiums come with calculators, pens as well as paper notepads. In other instances the accessories are for illustrative purposes only. If you indeed would like to confirm if your compendium comes delivered with any of the above mentioned accessories please ask when you make your enquiry. All our compendiums can have additional accessories included when they are delivered to you or your client. Some optional accessories to enhance your product include:

  • Paper Notepad
  • Calculator
  • Ball Point Pen (plastic, metal or premium Parker pen options)
  • USB Flash memory drive
  • Lanyard
  • Keyring

usb keys for promotional compendiums calculators for printed compendiums pens for custom compendiums

To see what styles of accessories are available please contact us.