Embossing Promotional Compendiums

Creating brand awareness does not always mean shouting your business’ name from the rooftops or launching costly marketing campaigns. Sometimes, consumers are more attracted to subtle advertising strategies such as the handing out of promotional merchandise like branded leather compendiums. For a touch of class, opt for your company logo or name to be embossed.

What is embossing?

To emboss an image involves the stamping of the logo or artwork on the leather compendium. The process requires pressure and heat as well as the creation of the logo using die-cast metal. The heated metal is pressed onto the surface of the leather, creating raises. This technique creates another dimension and results to a 3D image.

Why Embossing?

Choosing to have your logo embossed on the surface of your leather compendium might be costlier than traditional printing but in the long run, you save more as you can expect the image to stay permanently. In addition, the resulting image is very much detailed and accurate. Of course, you cannot deny that embossing looks a lot more professional as there are usually no added colours to take away attention from the company name or logo. Also, since the image is in 3D, it looks elegant and classy.

What to Keep in Mind

It is important that the operator of the embossing machine is skilled to ensure that the resulting promotional leather compendiums will showcase really attractive logos or designs. Also, the quality of the embossed image is dependent on the type of material used. Since there are many types of leather including faux leather, you should probably do some research or ask the leather compendium supplier for suggestions.