In the workplace, progress is a must. To have progress, there must be a motivated staff serving at the forefront. Motivation can be achieved in many ways including a substantial salary. What if we were to present you with a better way of motivating your staff members? We have compiled some exciting compendiums that will be appreciated by whoever receives them as a gift. But first, here is why it is good to give compendiums to your staff as gifts

  • These are easier to carry and can help eliminate the use of briefcases and oversized handbags
  • Uniform compendiums can easily become recognisable office uniform
  • We offer you premium products with different price tags
  • Giving out compendiums means you value your staff so much such that you’re giving them a present that can be used on a regular basis.

Buying Promotional Staff Compendiums

Corporate Gift Compendiums

Take a look at these suggestions taken from a comprehensive list of high-profile products.

1.      Leather promotional compendiums

Made out of pure leather, compendiums in this category come in different sizes (e.g. A4, A5, and A6) and colours (e.g. black, red compendiums, and brown). In our shelves, we have a selection of quality premium range compendiums manufactured from soft, supple leather. And because we understand that the office has people of different taste and style, we offer a print or embossing with your selected logo or image.

2.      Zippered promotional compendiums

Under this category, we offer compendiums with a full wrap-around zip across the entire folio. You can get your order debossed (embossed) or printed with your brand logo. There are other branding options available, and you can select from any of them. Customised folios under this category fall under either size A4 compendiums or A4 compendiums.

Giving out our beautifully-crafted promotional compendiums will make your staff members feel more valued and as part of the family. Although we already have an extensive range of colours and printing methods, you are still free to select your preferred choices when making a purchase.