Compendiums are a useful workplace product. We offer premium padfolios that will develop your brand image and shape your workplace. Here are the main reasons why your business needs branded compendiums.


Compendiums are a great way to keep your businesses organised. They provide a means of note-taking, recording important dates, and client information. More importantly, your staff can be given personalised compendiums to suit their needs. This is a fantastic product that should be used at work and at home!

Popular options include: Red Arrow Compendiums and Turin A5 Promotional Compendiums


Compendiums offer a level of sophistication and class. Our compendiums are suitable for professional businesses that value customer satisfaction and brand image. Fortunately, our compendiums can be easily personalised meaning that your brand will be at the forefront of all client meetings. Elevate your image with professional compendiums.

Favourite choices include: A4 Padfolio with Corporate Branding and Shetland Promotional Calculator Compendium


Compendiums create a sense of empowerment within your staff. These products are an easy means of creating uniformity and unity between your employees. Since this is a great gift every staff member will be grateful to use such a fantastic product. Make your workplace cohesive with our premium compendiums.

Top picks include: Bale Compendium and Zipper Compendiums 3 Rings