How Do I Care For a Leather Compendium?

Leather is great for a classy, stylish look -- but it does pay to be careful with it. Leather is an organic substance, and needs more care than synthetics. Small spills can usually be wiped away with a soft damp cloth before they set. Do not use soap or other detergents, as they can strip the leather of essential oils that it needs to stay flexible.

Some general leather care tips

  • When not using your leather portfolio, store it away from heat and sunlight in a dust-free cloth bag.
  • If your leather compendium gets wet, dry it with a soft dry cloth as soon as possible.
  • Regularly buff your compendium with a soft dry cloth
  • If your leather compendium becomes too dry, it can crack. Before it reaches this point, rub with leather conditioner or Dubbin.