What is a Compendium?

A compendium is very simply a bundle of stationary for writing. That sounds very simple, nut in practice, it's more complicated than that. The term 'compendium' covers a huge range of products from simple bound notebooks to stylish containers that can hold not only paper but pens, calculators and even iPads. Compendiums come in a range of sizes, usually being sized to fit standard paper formats (A4, A5, A6 etc). With a waterproof cover, they are designed to fit neatly into a briefcase, satchel, messenger bag or backpack. Compendiums are particularly handy when you have to work in multiple locations since they allow you to take your work and writing materials in one bundle removing the need to maintain separate stocks of stationary in all of your workspaces.

Since they get your work where you want it and in style, compendiums are useful tools for office workers and students alike. Real estate agents, sales representatives, consultants and other people who need to keep their papers organised while constantly travelling will find that they get more done with a professional looking compendium. Students will find that they keep their work items together, leaving more room in bags and backpacks for their other items. They're handy for journalists, surveyors, building managers and other people who need to take notes while away from the desk.

Branded Compendiums -- Australia

Because they blend practicality and style, branded compendiums are a great way to keep people on the same page. Companies, charities, schools and universities will all benefit from having their organisational name and logo custom printed onto handsome compendiums. Use them as a convenient way to help your staff stay organised. Give them away to customers or investors with portfolios or prospectuses tucked inside. Hand them out to students -- it keeps the school logo visible and leaves your students no excuse for not having a pen. And they make great gifts at conventions, conferences or trade shows. 

Printed Accessories

Your custom printed compendiums can come with a range of add-ons, printed with your brand. These include - paper notepads, calculators, a range of pens, USB flash drives, lanyards or key rings and more. For an additional charge, we can also have these goods branded with your logo. With our fast turnaround and Australia-wide delivery, you can have your custom branded compendiums ready to go, and quickly.