What is a Zippered Compendium?

One of the best ways to make a compendium is with a zipper fastener. These generally rectangular in shape, and fold along one edge. The other three edges can be held closed with a quality zipper. This arrangement helps to prevent items from falling out, even if the compendium is upended or jostled in transit. While it is generally not completely waterproof, the zipper closure does make the compendium substantially more water resistant than a non-zippered compendium. It is also extremely good at keeping dust and dirt out of the compendium and away from its contents, making it very useful to frequent travellers.

Keep your belongings safe

Since a compendium holds not only your paper but potentially your phone, tablet, USB sticks and pens, items can become loose if it is dropped or incorrectly carried. The zipper cannot prevent this from happening, but it can keep your belongings inside the compendium should accidents occur. Keep your papers safe and your bag free of rogue stationary when you travel.