1. Promotional Products for Autumn and Winter

    Autumn is here already, so can winter be far behind? Better put those branded beach towels and stubby holders back in the cupboard for a few months. But don't let the cold weather cool off your next promotion. There's a whole range of possibilities for you to get your brand out there and visible all through the colder months.


    Once it starts raining, all the umbrellas go up. Is your logo going to be on any of them? Branded umbrellas are great as giveaways, prizes or promotional sales items. Everyone needs them -- but they're always constantly losing them. Umbrellas are the fourth most commonly lost item on public transport, so no wonder there's an insatiable demand for more. Save your customers from the torrential Autumn rains, and earn

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  2. Ipad Compendiums - The Perfect Corporate Gift

    Looking for a diary organiser that also caters to the tech minded? Have a look at our wide range of Ipad compendiums! They are the peffect gift solution 

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  3. Why purchase compendiums?

    Looking for a stylish product to promote your brand for the long haul?

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  4. Best Care for Leather Accessories

    How do you keep your leather accessories looking their best? Our recommendations and some explanation about how leather works.

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  5. Tips to Maintain a Polished Compendium

    Want to understand what's happening with your compendium? Learn why and how to maintain leather.

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  6. Buying Promotional Tote Bags

    Not sure how to get the best bags for your event? Learn more with our handy guide!

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  7. Budget Friendly Compendiums

    Looking for budget friendly custom branded compendiums? Consider these options.

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  8. Summer Time Promotional Items 2016

    Long hot Australian summers are my absolute favourite. I know that I am not alone and that many Aussies feel the same way too. So what better way to maximise your brand value (or your event) with merchandise that is tailor made to suit our Summer Aussie way of life. So what are my suggestions for products that will really be a hit with your guests this hot summer of 2016? Check them out here below.

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  9. Pad Print vs Embossing on Compendiums

    Pad print or embossing - which should you opt for when you order a customised compendium?

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  10. Marketing Idea for the Tech Savy

    These days it seems everywhere you look someone is staring down at a mobile, laptop, iPad or iPod. Technology is everywhere and has completely consumed our lives in one way or another. When your phone dies, how do you feel? It’s almost as though something important has been taken away and you cannot survive without it!

    Being stuck with no phone battery is inconvenient and annoying. No matter if it’s at the end of the day on the train home from work or late at night after a big evening out, it still bugs you… unless you have a power bank.

    Power banks are pocket sized friends that act as emergency battery chargers for the most popular range of smartphones. When your phone dies, your power bank is there to save the day. You simply plug the charger into your phone and it begins to restore it back to life- no wall sockets needed!

    Power banks are our life lifesavers,

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