1. Why You Need Promotional Compendiums

    Compendiums are by far one of the most useful office products for protecting your paperwork. As often overlooked as these things are, there is no getting away from the paper trail. Well, here are some reasons why you should invest in custom branded compendiums today.

    Why you should buy promotional compendiums

    Personalised Compendiums For You

    I have always found that no matter how many times emails are sent through, there are always pieces of loose but vital pieces of information rolling around in your desk drawers. When a paper like this is put into a drawer or a filing cabinet, for me this is where they stay. The adage of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is so true in this situation, but as soon as you put this into a compendium, the folder

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  2. Different Ways to Use Personalised Compendiums

    When I was a kid, almost every time my Dad would go to conferences he would come back with a bunch of branded goodies. He would have so many that we would pass them on to his us kids, and with me being the youngest of four, I would always end up with something- let’s face it- lame.

    When my siblings got older and started to care about the branding on their bags and water bottles, it was my time for the conference cool stuff. Rulers that had calculators in them, stress balls shaped like cars, radios that were built into a watch; I was easily amused.

    But above it all, I will remember this compendium that I got one day. It was leather, with pouches for cards, pockets for loose paper, straps for pens and a blank pad attached to the right-hand side, not unlike the Sophie Leather Compendium. This thing was kind of cool. It may have become my new pencil case and book holder in school because I liked

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  3. Why Buy Personalised Compendium Folios?

    A comment we often hear from people outside the industry is "Don't people these days just do everything digitally, why would they need a customised compendium?" It turns out that although modern business people are connected online, they still engage in physical note-taking and appreciate the convenience of a personalised folio they can use to transport not just their notes, but any tablets or USB drives they might also have as part of their role. This is where modern promotional compendiums come in.

    Modern Business Owners Need Compendiums

    Corporate Branded Portfolios Are Still Relevant

    Because compendiums are constantly being upgraded and adjusted to suit current industry requirements, they're actually on the cutting edge when it comes to providing a buffet of handy

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  4. Using Promotional Compendiums to Stay Organised

    Being organised is key to productivity. When it comes to organising one’s workplace, age and profession don’t matter much. The key to the matter is that being organised is the equivalent of ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ Owning a compendium is an excellent way of making sure that you keep your workstation organised, with the option of being able to carry some of the stationery while being mobile.

    promotional compendiums for organisation

    The advantage of owning and using a compendium is that they come with class and status. We offer you a wide selection of compendiums to select from, and these are not just for stationery. With an option of customising, you can select a compendium for your electronic gadgets such as tablets and iPads. Here is a look at some of our

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  5. Components of a Promotional Compendium

    These days it's more important than ever to be organised and in control of your work day. What better way to get a corporate individual organised than the presentation of a complete compendium? A promotional compendium is perfect to store all necessary documents and stationery items to help make it easier for professionals to be organised.

    Components of a Promotional Compendium

    A compendium is an excellent gift of choice as it is far from boring and in the office, a gift that is in line with most people’s daily priorities and requirements. So what exactly does a standard compendium contain? Well, depending on the profession, the contents of a compendium is usually the same. The most difference being in the material used for the compendium cover.

    What Is Inside a Branded Compendium?

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  6. Giving Compendiums as Custom Staff Gifts

    In the workplace, progress is a must. To have progress, there must be a motivated staff serving at the forefront. Motivation can be achieved in many ways including a substantial salary. What if we were to present you with a better way of motivating your staff members? We have compiled some exciting compendiums that will be appreciated by whoever receives them as a gift. But first, here is why it is good to give compendiums to your staff as gifts

    • These are easier to carry and can help eliminate the use of briefcases and oversized handbags
    • Uniform compendiums can easily become recognisable office uniform
    • We offer you premium products with different price tags
    • Giving out compendiums means you value your staff so much such that you’re giving them a present that can be used on a regular basis.

    Buying Promotional Staff Compendiums

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  7. Corporate Leather Compendiums as Gifts

    What do you give to your corporate circle during the festive season? Is there any such thing as a boring gift? But what if the gift is in line with their line of work? See, we believe that a gift should be something that can be used regularly. The recipient should be able to remember the significance of the giver. And the message is conveyed in a gift. One such thoughtful gift in the corporate world is a premium collection of concise but detailed stationery. Our compendiums are always a hit, and during Christmas time, they will mean even more to corporate recipients.

    Buy Leather and Leather Look Corporate Compendiums

    If you want a gift that will bring smiles not just on the day you give it over, go for something authentic. With our genuine leather compendiums supplied all around Australia, you won’t go wrong.

    You can select from some of our unique compendiums including the;

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  8. Why You Should Use Compendiums with Built-In Chargers

    These days you can get all kinds of promotional products with chargers in them, promotional compendiums with portable batteries may be your best investment yet.

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  9. Fast Turnaround on Custom Compendiums

    You know that branded compendiums make great promotional items -- but did you know we can deliver them to you in as little as five days?  That’s right, we offer the same high-quality, Australian-printed promotional compendiums that Compendium Planet is famous for – just in a fraction of the time.

    We Print Compendiums in Australia for Faster Turnaround

    In most cases, we offer a two-week turnaround on compendiums. We are able to achieve this by stocking our compendiums locally, and printing or embossing them in Australia. This not only creates jobs in the country, it also cuts transport time drastically.

    We Deliver Branded Compendiums -- Fast

    This means that you can expect a maximum of two business weeks in between you giving the go-ahead on printing, to our couriers delivering your portfolios to your door. Our customers find this is a reasonable turnaround time, in most situations.

    However, from time to time the unexpected happens.

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  10. Compendiums for Trade Shows and Conventions

    Even in this digital age, we all seem to have far too much paper to keep track of. And if you're presenting at a convention, trade show or even at a large meeting, there's a good chance that you're just going to give potential customers and clients more papers to deal with.

    How can you help people deal with this paperwork and promote your business at the same time? That's where promotional compendiums come in. Compendiums are the stylish and functional way to keep all of your documents at your fingertips. Designed to hold paper, pens and a range of possible other items, including rulers, tablets, phones, USBs, cards and all those other little items that we need to get through the business day.

    Best of all, we can print, emboss or foil emboss your organisation's logo or other branded artwork on the cover. Keep your brand visible for as long as these compendiums are in use. We also have options

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