1. Using Compendiums When Working from Home

    It is no surprise that nearly all businesses have moved to working from home, but for many, this is a major change. Most of us have been forced to create a home office to emulate our work environment, albeit without all the fancy features we use to take for granted. Working remotely, note-taking and diary management can become quite difficult when you are juggling different responsibilities and gadgets. So, we’ve compiled a list of our three favourite compendiums that you can use to collect your thoughts and maximise productivity.

    Working From Home Compendiums

    Pedova Bound Custom Journals

    These quality custom journals are the perfect corporate gift. They feature a smoothly refined Italian PU material that covers the compendium.

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  2. Leather Compendium Care

    Want to give your leather compendium a longer life? Check out these tips!

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  3. Easter Eggs - the story

    Easter egg is symbol of Christ's resurrection. Painting the eggs red is a beloved tradition in Eastern Catholic and Orthodox churches as it represents the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross. The shell represents the sealed Tomb of Christ, and cracking it symbolises his resurrection.

    Easter egg is believed to be brought on Easter morning by the Easter bunny in many western countries like the United States. In Germany it is the Easter fox. In Switzerland, it is the Easter cuckoo. In Australia, the Easter Bilby replaces the bunny rabbit which is said to have destroyed many agricultural crops. Bilby is a small rodent with a long nose and rabbit-like ears

    aussie easter bilby

    In sydney, Easter is celebrated with many special events like the Royal Easter Show where the nation’s best produce are showcased. There are parades,

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  4. Promotional Products: Still the Most Cost-Efficient Marketing Tool

    In the wake of the global crisis, Australian businesses had no choice but to cut back on overhead costs in order to stay afloat. First to be slashed is usually the marketing budget and many of these businesses relied on promotional products as their main advertising medium.

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  5. To Promote or Not to Promote

    One of the perils of putting up a business is not generating much consumer interest. Obviously, no customer means no profit. So for those of you who are still straddling the fence so to speak with regard to promoting your brand, you should realize as early as possible that is it a must.

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